I wanted to share this comment with you sent by a reader who was responding to my blog post entitled THE BIG RED MACHINE.  As a writer, it’s always your hope that you’re going to stir a memory, trigger a thought, a feeling — maybe even encourage an act of kindness.  And it’s always very humbling to know your words have touched someone.  Thank you, Charlie, for taking the time to send me your memory.

This post stirred a lot of memories, thoughts and a couple of wishes for events that never happened. My father played catch with me, taught me to swing a bat, coached my Little League team, ironed letters on all the team caps for the league, and watched every game he could, but we never watched a big league game together.

I got to see one exhibition game with him in Mobile. Chicago White Sox against the Cleveland Indians, just a a couple of days before Rocky Colavito was traded to Detroit. I still have the lineup sheet–it was a single piece of paper with the teams listed on opposite sides and the wrong date–and a baseball with Colavito’s autograph.

Later, though, we didn’t talk that m! uch about baseball. It would have been great to see a couple of regular season games with him, but I’m grateful for the time.

I also remember the Big Red Machine, and I think their World Series against the A’s in 1972 may be the best ever, although it doesn’t get in the highlight reels.

Thanks for reminding me of all this.


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