Day 10 in my New Year’s resolution to blog every day, and I’m wondering if this is worthy of a celebration, a gift of some kind. What do you get someone who has successfully blogged for 10 whole days — paper, diamond, mousepad??

For me, writing novels is about routine, sitting down everyday and putting words on paper  – or at least sitting down and looking like you’re putting words on paper.  People ask me all the time about the process of writing.  The answer is simple, TIME IN THE CHAIR.

When I asked all of you about your routines, I found out that some of you take a walk in the park to focus your thoughts, others are motivated by a paycheck (that also works for me).  But every successful writer ends up spending time in the chair.

So then why has it been so hard for me to blog?  Well, quite truthfully, I always felt it was a distraction, something else that was taking me away from my art.  But what I am beginning to realize is that it is stimulating my creativity — it’s almost like journal writing, except between you and me, I never did that either.

Hold the gifts for now.  But if I successfully blog 365 days in 2010, I’m registering at Tiffany’s.

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  1. Roy Petitfils, January 10th, 2010, 1:34 pm

    LOVE THIS!!! Alan McGinnis once said, "the only way things get done is with your butt being in the chair--alot!" I'll support this commitment by promising to read it everyday for a year until you stop. Don't stop. You can do it. You've got talent and something to say.
  2. Leisa Hammett, January 10th, 2010, 9:41 pm

    Blogging has been very therapeutic for me, SOMETIMES taking the place of a journal. It has also improved my writing and my discipline. "They" say serious bloggers and serious readership means 365 days. However, I find it more than ENOUGH to do three times a week! Congratulations!

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