As you may already know, I have spent the last year and a half working on 100 pages to send my editor for her consideration. Remember, she said all that was necessary were 2 chapters and an outline, but I said, “Oh no, I don’t do outlines – I don’t know where the story is going yet.”

OK, true.  But now I’m there.  I have my 100 pages.  And I finally know where this story is going — more or less.  I FedEx’d those hundred pages to my agent for her review a couple of weeks ago. Some agents make editorial comments. do not.  Mine does. She is a very sharp reader, born and bred in NYC, so she is not shy about saying what’s on her mind.  Again, must have a thick skin.

She sends her comments back.  I make changes.  I send the manuscript back.  She sends it back to me.  Again, must have thick skin.

And that brings us to today.  Got up at 5 a.m. and worked.  Fixed daughter breakfast and raced her to school and worked.  Went to meet reader and reviewed notes from agent, swam a mile at the Y, came home and worked.  Read more and more reports about the horror and tragedy in Haiti.  Continued to work.

Must get these pages right and back to my agent by Monday.  Self-imposed deadline.  More time in the chair – a recurring theme.  So I have fallen into the deep, dark writing hole and you may not hear much — although you will hear something (as I refuse to break New Year’s resolution) from me until I get these pages polished and in the mail.

But I cannot sign off tonight without asking you to please consider a donation to Doctors without Borders! We are one family, after all.  Good night!

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  1. Kathy R (Bermudaonion), January 14th, 2010, 8:03 am

    Good luck! I have confidence that this will all come together for you soon.
  2. Connie, May 3rd, 2011, 1:11 pm

    What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for postnig!

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