OK, I’ve made a few exceptions to my blogging everyday rule. They are as follows: no posting on weekends, snow days, and days when life just won’t permit it.

Now back to business.  I was in Chattanooga again this past weekend.  And again, it snowed!  But as I was driving around town the day after, I couldn’t believe all the snowmen and snowwomen that had miraculously appeared in people’s front yards and on random street corners. (Remember the last time I was there I spotted the miniature snow couple on a bistro’s coffee table.)

These were not your average snowpeople.  Some had full heads of hair.  Some were dressed in one fashion or another.  Some were anatomically correct.  But all of them were wonderfully artistic. And granted, I realize that this posting is not about writing, but it is about creativity.  And that needs to be celebrated everyday — especially days when it snows.

Snow couple. Check out the mustache!

An evergreen head of hair.

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  1. Kathy R (Bermudaonion), February 2nd, 2010, 7:09 pm

    We had a little snow here this weekend, but I missed it because I was in Alabama. Maybe I'll go all winter without seeing any!

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