Bound To Be Read Books

Address: 481-B Flat Shoals Ave., Atlanta, GA 30316

Phone: 404-522-0877

Owner: Jeff McCord


Twitter:  @BoundToBeRead

Jeff MCord thinks the birth of Bound To Be Read Books came out of his mid-life crisis. After seeing a friend making a go of it with a book store in Canada, he decided to stop his life on a dime and open a store of his own. That very next week he started putting together the business plan and started figuring out how a book store works.  He started buying lots of used books – lots and lots of used books, until his house was full of boxes.  When he couldn’t open my front door any more, he knew it was time to open a store.

When he looked around Atlanta, he was amazed at the lack of book stores anywhere in the Southeast quadrant of the city. East Atlanta Village was an “up and coming” commercial district when Bound To Be Read Books opened 5 years ago…and still is today. An interesting fact: The store is located right on the battlefield of one of the biggest fights in the Battle of Atlanta, so Jeff honors that with a good section of Civil War books.

With an eclectic customer base that includes hipsters, young families, and urbanites of all races, ages and genders, they also carry a wide variety of good used and new books.  They’re very inclusive and have over 50 categories, including children’s books. Jeff notes that “We have a section on sustainability that workswell for us.” Their most popular adult titles tend to be contemporary fiction and edgier titles.  (Of course, zombies have been very popular lately!) And they recently added a new graphic novels section, which has been selling like crazy.

In terms of Southern literature, Bound To Be Read Books sells tons of the classics like “Confederacy of Dunces,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and anything by Faulkner, Welty and McCullers.  “Janisse Ray’s Ecology of a Cracker Childhood” is popular with the sustainability crowd.

And I must add that besides being fun, this bookstore is tremendously good to authors – including yours truly.

P.S. After featuring Park Road Books’ canine staffer Yola, it only seemed fair to showcase a photo of Bound To Be Read Books’ Public Relations Director Kona the Cat. Check her out in all of her feline glory!

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