It’s Friday night, and I’m not going to keep you.  But considering I’m teaching a social media class for writers tomorrow morning at the Williamson County Public Library, I thought it was a good opportunity to share a very cool video with you.  It’s called Did You Know 4.0.  If you didn’t believe in the importance of social media before — you will now! Check it out.

And remember to watch HOPE FOR HAITI NOW and give as generously as you can!

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I have been at my desk for 14 hours now revising the first 100 pages of my third novel.  I know I’m always preaching time in the chair, but my butt is seriously starting to hurt.

But before I call it a night, I quickly wanted to thank ALL of you who responded to yesterday’s blog.  I heard from more readers than I ever have and NOT one person suggested I limit my writing.

In fact, it was better than that — your responses were kind, warm, and VERY encouraging.  And to tell the truth, I needed that.  We are, no doubt, on this journey together.

One reader said that blogging is like a stream of water that you dip into when you’re thirsty.  Another likened it to a box of chocolates (and yes I love the Forrest Gump reference) that you open and sample whenever you feel the urge.

And one of my favorite literary bloggers, BookingMama, reminded me that the point of all of this to have a little fun.

So I am going to continue with my resolution to blog everyday this year because, well, because I want to.  I enjoy it.  It helps me as a writer.  And it brings me great pleasure connecting with other readers and writers.  Of course, I hope we all have some fun along the way.  And come December 31, 2010, we are definitely going to do some celebrating!

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Susan Gregg Gilmore